spiritual frontier

The Life of Emanuel Swedenborg

1688 – 1772

From: The Essential Swedenborg – by Sig Synnestvedt

Swedenborg Chronology
Family Background
Initial Education
Public Career
Service to Country
Scientific Theories and Studies
Published Scientific Works
Published Philosophical Works
Swedenborg’s “calling”
Theological Works Begin
Aspects of Theological Phase
Fire in Stockholm
Mme. de Marteville
The “Queen’s Secret”
Increased Exposure
Charges of Heresy
Crowning Work
John Wesley
Final Statement
After Swedenborg’s death

The Theological Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg

“What the Writings testify” – H. Odhner

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– by Sig Synnestvedt

Copyright – 1977 by Swedenborg Foundation, Inc.
All Rights Reserved – Printed in the United States of America

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